miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2008


Hungrily I ate
His big
Full moon grown eyes
Wide shut.

One day
I glanced unaware
To find him
Peeping distractingly
At my third left eyelash.

-Little arrow- he said
My dearest and weakest
Achilles´ heel,
-You´ ll be-
So I picked it up entangled
In a thorny rose
-My finger bled profusely-
And I promised to use it carefully.

And my Achilles’ heel -smiled relevantly.

Gypsy soul
I wander here and there
Such a tough year
Such blank a time
Such a nothing
-Needy nothing-
-to bind ourselves
Kings in a nutshell

Run the lines

I shame myself.


I used to walk in the shadows
And to be good and shy
I used to walk in the dark
And be silent and grave
But somewhat a name
Came by and took it all out of me
And they decided to bewitch me too
So Vanity fairs started parading
One after the other for me
And I took part of them all
A star, a first class star
So happy was I,
I didn’t know
Crush was coming by
But crush it came

And well deserved
So down I came
And down collided
Splintering into hundred
Little stars
Twinkle twinkle little stars
How I wonder what it was
Down and down and down on earth
Twinkle little fucking bloody shady stars
How I wonder what it was.

(“The dangling threes” de “Missing Link”)

Anne Murphy Littlestone, 2004.

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